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The First Monday night football game of the season held what some are calling a revolution of the NFL game.  Others are calling it a fad or a gimmick ala the Wildcat.  Regardless of what side you place your claim, at the end of the day as long as Chip Kelly has a job this Speed/Read offense is here to play…  I mean stay.

Watching the Speed of the game made everyone sit up and say “Man the Eagles could win the division”, it also had people saying “How do you stop this offense.”  Well rest easy, because Big J has seen ways to stop the Chip and Vick offensive out pour.

Naturally like all things you need the personnel to execute a defense that can stop this Speed Read offense.  You have to have an aggressive, fast, and agile defensive line.  A good mix would be the new LB/DE hybrid players, or the LB/Safety hybrid player.  With good mobile beef in the middle.  When you look back at the Oregon days that is exactly how teams that beat them did. Look at the Auburn vs Oregon tape in the 2011 National Championship.  Having guys that can attack the runner and passer without having to go small (more DB on the field) is a must.  Your linemen and Linebackers have to be able to attack and cover for a bit.

Sometimes looking at the history of why things are created can help destroy it.  Kelly created this offense to help off set not getting the biggest, strongest, and fastest athletes. So he created an offense to be an equalizer, to give the average to good player a punchers chance.  You know what offense was also created in this vain?  The West Coast “Bill Walsh the greatest EVER!” Offense!  Why is this important?  Well do we all remember a certain defense called the “46” that shut it down?  I’m sure we all do, this Defense was all about PRESSURE on the ball. Get there fast and when you get there hit hard.  This Defense if ran properly would completely demolish this offense.  Only concern is all the Cover 0 (secondary coverage that has no safety over top and everyone is in Man to Man) or Cover 1 (one safety back) you would have to play to be effective.  Buddy Ryan created a defense, that was never duplicated with the same success after he left, but if someone took the time to use its principles it would give the Speed/Read fits.

This leads me to another Ryan… Rob Ryan and the “Amoeba Defense”, this has been known to give Tom Brady fits, and who ran the most plays in a game before Kelly came along?  The New England Patriots.  Also the Patriots use a similar read and react offense, that Kelly utilizes.  Why this Defense would be effective is because the sets and formations are hidden.  Linemen standing up, Linebackers in 3-point stances, Defensive Backs at the line of scrimmage, just pure chaos.  So why not match chaos with chaos?  The “Amoeba Defense” would make it hard for the offense to read and react to the defense.  Especially when you wouldn’t know who would be dropping into coverage or rushing.

Last but not least, you can resign to the motto that the best defense is a good offense.  If you can move the ball and keep the Eagles offense off the field, it will help take their rhythm away.  Running a good solid ball control offense where you eat up time of possession will rest your defense and also putting points on the board will make the Eagles offense have to press a bit.

Now if all of this fails, the best thing you can do is fake injuries, cramps work the best, or you can do the old school lay on the player after a tackle so he can’t get the ball to the officials quickly.  At the end of the day I can’t wait to see how this offense changes the look of the NFC East. Will teams start drafting players to help stop Chip Kelly?  Think about when the Rams were the “Greatest Show On Turf” the whole NFC West tried to load up on DB to stop them.  I can see the NFC East becoming the hybrid player/scheme/defense division in a few years, and then it might infect the league.  I know one thing for certain though, training camp wind sprints will take on a whole new meaning when it comes to conditioning.

Jason "Big J" Allen  @UnsportsmenBigJ

Jason “Big J” Allen