By: Jason “Big J” Allen

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So all week I have been asking for everyone’s NFL team so I could give you a reason to be optimistic for 2013, I thought I would only get the dog teams, but even teams with hopes and dreams have been wanting reasons to be proud about this upcoming season.  The first one I wrote was on the New York Jets, and it was so ridiculous that Big Play had to write one to defend his team’s honor.  So now on to round two. The Monsters of the Midway, a place where their god’s name is Ditka, at one point had the whole world doing a Shuffle, and saying “Da Bears”  So here is my list of why Chicago Bears Fans should be Optimistic about 2013!  Shout out to Jake Kulig for requesting the Bears.

1.  No more Brian Urlacher.  Say WHAT!  Yes Chi-town should take a sigh of relief because he is gone.  I know he is a Hall of Famer and has been a great player for the Bears for years, but he was getting abused late in his career, ala Reverend Ray Lewis.  Urlacher was becoming a defensive liability, but the fan base couldn’t see it.  It’s a reason no one picked him up after he was released.  Also it gets the Bears one step closer to getting younger on defense (Briggs 31, Peppers 32, Tillman 31).

2.  Alshon Jeffery is ready to step up to be the MAN part Deux.  It’s only a matter of time before Brandon Marshall goes Deadpool insane (If you haven’t seen or read Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe your missing out), and its great to see and hear that Jeffery is playing damn good ball and has looked the best in camp.  Imagine trying to stop Marshall, Forte, and now Jeffery (sprinkle in some Bennett at TE) you are looking at match up nightmares.

3.  Since you under achieved last year your schedule is not that tough (16th toughest schedule), which gives you the ability to sneak past the Packers (6th toughest schedule).

4.  Marc Trestman, or better yet no more Lovie Smith.  Now I like Lovie and I feel that 10-6 shouldn’t get anyone fired (Call Steve Marriucci he can tell you how that feels), but maybe it was time for a new voice in the Locker Room.  Also who better to iron out Jay Cutler than a Head Coach who has been hailed, by Steve Young especially, as an offensive genius and great QB coach.  Again I think Lovie was good, but sometimes a new voice can garner great results.  Ain’t that right Jon Gruden.

5.  The Bears can beat you in all three phases of the game.  How many teams can say that?  Very few.  The Bears can win a game with Special Teams (Hester), Defense (Tillman, Peppers, Briggs, and co), or possibly out score you with the new look offense.  Most coaches will tell you to win a NFL game you have to be better than the other team in at least 2 out of the 3 categories (Offense, Defense, and Special Teams).  The Bears have the potential and talent to dominate any phase of the game.

*Bonus* You are the FREAKIN BEARS!!!  Who wants to play in Windy City in December and January?  Heck even November?  I bet your kicker doesn’t, I know your noodle arm QB doesn’t, and I know for sure the warm weather loving teams don’t want that type of cold.

So Chi-Town stand up and be proud of your team and upcoming year.  I expect a rocky start but a spectacular finish.  Maybe you might get lucky and knock Aaron Rodgers out of both games you play him.  Only down side is if the Bears win I will have to hear Jake Kulig mouth all season, and anyone that knows him knows how annoying that can be.

Jason "Big J" Allen  @UnsportsmenBigJ

Jason “Big J” Allen