Good article, and since you I’m a casual Hockey fan at best aka only watched the playoffs, this is an article to subdue your Hockey urges.

Sports Minded

By Pierce Roberson

At 21 years of age, I finally realized what the greatest feeling in the world is.

It’s jumping onto your brother’s back, in sheer jubilation, and celebrating with dozens of complete strangers, knowing that your team has won it all.

We’re about a month away from training camp in the NHL, which is odd because it feels like yesterday that the ice was finally removed from the United Center. As football season begins, Cup Fever in Chicago has finally started to dwindle. Nevertheless, the Windy City is more proud of its Blackhawks than it has ever been.

Back in March, Sports Illustrated had posted a cover of the Chicago Blackhawks, with the headline “The Franchise That Brought Hockey Back”. When you realize just what this franchise has been through in the past 10 years, you’d be amazed and understand why this statement is completely true. Just a…

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