By: Raymond “Big Play” Miller

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Editors Note:  This was written 8/6/2013 sorry for the delay

“It’s an A-Fraud (usually A-Bomb) from A-Rod… shout out to John Sterling
Man this guy’s good, the man that we couldn’t wait to break the all-time Home Run record, because he would be legit and clean.  Unlike Barry Bonds (whose head and hat size is still growing) A-Rod is just a fraud worse than Ryan Braun.  I mean this guy was called out by the great journalist Selena Roberts (from SI) for PED/HGH use and denied it; which he then eventually admitted to and now.  With a total of 13 players suspended for their connections with BioGensis, which one player comes out and denies?  Alex Rodriguez!  Of course.  Because in Alex’s world he can do no wrong, it’s one thing to fight for your paper (if suspension of 211 games is upheld, he will not be paid by Yanks, but he still get’s his $40mil from Texas), and it’s another thing to be a dumb ass.  The reason I say that is MLB has more on A-Rod than any of the other players suspended and he’s the only one fighting it.  So will Rodriguez win his appeal?  Hell no! He’ll fight it as long as he can and as long as he’s getting paid.  A-Rod will smile to the camera and tell us how everyone’s against him because, in A-rod’s world we all are.  What a fraud…
Onto my thoughts..
1. Tiger must’ve gotten some pie over the weekend he ran through that tournament like it was nothing.
2. Still wasn’t a major though.
3. Larry Allen said his girl friend made/gave him “2 chickens, french fries,  baked cake and a 40oz” and Allen knew that was the prefect woman to marry. #classic
4. Did y’all notice Cris Carter’s bust had waves. #unbelievable
5. Braves have won 11 straight (Editors note: now currently 13 games) and are running away with the division, while B.J. Upton ain’t doing nothing making $75mil.
6. The legend of Yaisel Puig continues to grow and Dodgers are rolling, this dude helped save Don Mattingly’s job.  Oh yeah I forgot Puig isn’t an All-Star yet.
7. NFL Preseason week is always exciting, you wouldn’t catch me buying a ticket for one though.
8. Jets fans even booing Mark Sanchez during a scrimmage game, it’s gonna be a long year for my gang green. I still believe though, WATCH US EARN IT!
9. Old man Oden chooses the Heat I say he plays 20 games but hoping he stays healthy the whole way through.
10. QB’s in fantasy football that aren’t big name guys but will do great for your team (Cam Newton, Alex Smith)

Raymond "Big Play" Miller @bprunsportsmenm

Raymond “Big Play” Miller