By: Maurice “Cool Reece” Thomas

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Is it that serious that Riley Cooper said to N word towards other white people?  Of course he was wrong for using it, but he was at a Kenny Chesney concert. Most “niggas” don’t know who Kenny Chesney is, hell I didn’t and still some what don’t.  Does that make him racist?  Was he calling a black person a nigger?  If he used a different racial slur it wouldn’t be that much of a big deal.  Based on what Riley said, I dont have a problem with it.  How can we fault him when we (Black folks) use it all the time.  Do we own the word?  Chris Rock said it best “its not always the word but its the context in which the word is said.”

Brothas and Sistas it seems like we are the only race to hold on to racism more than others.  I’m not saying it’s not out there but sometimes you have to let ignorant things like this go.  Lets not forget how we separate ourselves from other blacks.  We call the rowdy, ignorant, or hood blacks “ niggas!”  I’m sure he has heard the black folks in the locker room yell “Nigga this, Nigga that”.  We shouldn’t blame Riley Cooper we need to blame ourselves, for keeping a word alive that we obviously don’t want used.

Maurice "Cool Reece" Thomas @CR_UnSportsMen

Maurice “Cool Reece” Thomas