Bill O’Brien is on First Take. As a PSU Alumni I wrote this last year, because of how proud I’m about the task he took on and reenergizing Penn State


By: Jason “Big J” Allen

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The Penn State win over Northwestern was huge for us.  Why? We can’t go to bowl games or Big Ten championships.  Then why?  Because it helped us find a part of ourselves that we lost.  We discovered a hint of Pride, a dose of Integrity, a sample of humility, and a chest of Honor.  Does it change or make what happened any less hurtful and disgusting?  Absolutely not, but it did help warm up a Demon that will take forever to exorcize.

This hint of former self burst out of the players and infected the crowd at Beaver Stadium.  We will never forget JoePa and my 1 year old daughter will know who the man is and was.  I will also tell her the story as a tragedy of a fallen hero, but never let her overlook his contributions.  Yet this Northwestern…

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