Great article, I think the death of “The Boss” Steinbrenner is forever cursing the Yankees.


There are almost as many Yankee haters as there are Yankees fans. The haters will gloat over this article while the fans will just lament over a team and a season gone awry. It has been very hard and extremely tedious spending around three hours a game watching this Yankees team as currently comprised take the field and ‘play’ nearly six times a week.

For those of you who have been to the old Yankee Stadium as well as the new one, the difference in the crowds and electricity in both ballparks is quite telling. 35,000 people in the old stadium sounded like 65,000 on any given night. 35,000 fans in the new stadium are not only barely audible, they’re hardly noticeable what with the addition of all the executive sky boxes, and the increased obscene prices which makes a typical night in the Bronx less noisy than a wake.

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