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Free Agency is pretty much done in the NBA, and free agents are making decisions on teams for numerous reasons, some leaving for places that are more comfortable (D12 to Rockets), have a better chance to win (A.I. to Warriors), or just for the money (Josh Smith to Pistons). The decisions made by these players are debatable were they the best moves for these players?  We will see in time.
Dwight Howard

Former team: LA Lakers
Best Fit: Houston
Worst Fit: Atlanta, Lakers
Decision: Houston
Howard showed that the big stage was too much for him, could you imagine him playing in his hometown Atlanta… me neither.  Houston allows him to be himself and play with a budding superstar in James Harden and not feel handcuffed and bullied by Kobe.  Atlanta would have been Orlando all over again for Howard, so that was definitely a no go.

Andre Igudola

Former Team: Denver Nuggets
Best Fit: Atlanta Hawks, Golden State Warriors
Worst Fit: Sacramento Kings, Phoenix Suns
Decision: Golden State Warriors
A.I. is not a superstar, but is definitely the kind of player a contending team needs.  Teamed up with Curry, and Thompson, he can become the defensive force and to the basket slasher to open up shoots for the Dynamic Sharpshooting Duo.  Atlanta would have been a good fit too, A.I. is a five tool player that can stuff the stat sheet, but we know he wouldn’t be winning anything in the Hotlanta.  Going to the Kings or Suns just would’ve been a money grab.  So A.I. chose to try and win the chip Golden State Warriors was the best place.

Josh Smith

Former Team: Atlanta Hawks
Best Fit: Houston, Milwaukee
Worst Fit: Detroit, Dallas
Decision: Detroit
This “ninja” took the money forget about winning and being a leader he wanted the paper and he got it.  Detroit was one of the worse fits for him if his pursuit was to ever win a ring.  He will definitely have the green light offensively so 3 point shots is a go!  Also the Bucks would have been a good move so he could have teamed back up with Larry Drew, he would have been familiar with the system, and the Bucks seem to be trying to blow the team up to rebuild.  Also the Bucks would have marketed the heck out of Josh Smith.  The smartest move would’ve been to form a big 3 in Houston (Howard, Smith, and Harden… what about Lin? HA) and see if you would contend for a ring, but I think Smith lacks the discipline and we know Kevin McHale would have slapped  (ok benched) Josh Smith he would have pulled a 3 pointer.  Chase that cash young man!

JJ Redick

Former Team: Milwaukee Bucks
Best Fit: LA Clippers
Worst Fit: Charlotte Bobcats
Decision: LA Clippers
Can we add another long to the fire please?  Great move by Redick by agreeing to the sign-n-trade with the Clippers, he can be the sharp shooter the Clippers need to open up lanes for CP3.  Now Redick may be a defensive liability, but your paying DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin for a reason.  Redick gets to play with a great point guard and a coach that’s great when having elite talent.  Do we even have to comment on the Bobcats?  Redick probably would have gotten more money, been in the starting line-up, and could have put up decent numbers.  Yet we all know the end result, Bobcast back in the lottery with another terrible draft pick by His Teribbleness (Michael Jordan).

Monta Ellis

Former Team: Milwaukee Bucks
Best Fit: Atlanta, Dallas
Worst Fit: Milwaukee, NY Knicks
Decision: Dallas Mavericks
I felt this was a good decision by Ellis although it was risky to opt out of $11mil he did move on to an organization known for winning and that not to long ago won a championship.  The Mavericks need Ellis more than Ellis needed them, because Dallas NEEDS more scoring.  We all know Ellis is a scorer that needs tons of shots, and with only real scorer being Dirk, Ellis will get his opportunities offensively.  Atlanta would have been a great place to land too, with the team semi rebuilding and losing Teague, Ellis could have played point guard again in that scoring point mode similar to Westbrook, Rose, and Tony Parker (guess who’s current head coach was a former Spurs asst coach?) with the additions of Millsap, and Horford they would have been an exciting team to watch.  He had to get out of Milwaukee, with Jennings and him there was not enough basketballs to go around.  The Knicks would have bee the same thing imagine J.R. Smith, Carmelo Anthony, and Ellis trying to share and play team basketball.  Did you imagine it?  By mid season one of them would have been traded.

What do you think and if I missed anybody important hit me up and I will tell you my take.  Get ready for another exciting Basketball season.

Raymond "Big Play" Miller @bprunsportsmenm

Raymond “Big Play” Miller