By: Jason “Big J” Allen

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I know the title of this article may have sent every Laker fan into a frenzy that could leave L.A. looking like it did in “This Is The End”.  Before you pick up your riot gear or pass out from me making/writing the Dumbest Article/Statement ever made, hear me out.  If Laker Nation wants to win another championship or become an instant contender, Kobe Bryant has to go…  KOBE HAS TO GO!!!  Now let me count the ways and how it could and would set up the 17th Championship.

First thing is Kobe will never look at his self as a 2nd fiddle.  He will never turn to Pippen he will always want to be MJ, ok bad wordage, how about he wont become Robin to a brought in Batman.  I know people are saying 5 rings, still averaging 26pts, 6rebs, and 6asst, why should he became second to anyone.  In all that you are right, but you want to continue to build with a aging superstar coming off a tough injury?  I wouldn’t, and there lies the problem, Kobe CAN’T play with another legitimate superstar.  Let’s look at his history, he ran off Shaq (I don’t care what the late Dr. Buss says, he made a pro Kobe anti Shaq move), he just ran off Dwight Howard, and when he was on a team of Hall of Famers (Malone, Payton, and Shaq) none of them could stand him.  I know you all are shouting Pau Gasol, but I said SUPERSTAR, not All-Star or Star.  So all of the LA dreaming of LBJ coming to La La Land wont happen as long as the Mamba is in Staples.  Never forget even in the years after Shaq the team looked up to Derek Fisher as the team leader not Kobe.

Secondly If you can find a way to trade Kobe for a legitimate Center, and some help at Point Guard to help the aging Steve Nash, and grab picks for the next 2 years, I call that a WIN!  I’m looking around the landscape and I feel like the Pelicans would have a lot to offer, with Tyreke Evans, Eric Bledsoe, or Eric Gordon.  Gaining any one of them would be great and work out a way to get a PF/C type player, and also get draft picks.  Now going into next year you will suck L.A. but you are probably going to suck anyway next year with Vino.  So at least you will be exciting to watch with Nash and Mike D’Antonio running that speed offense, and add in one of those guards to learn from Nash too.  Also a team like the Pelicans will have a Superstar to help teach Anthony Davis and get butts into seats.

Third is that everyone on ESPN and etc is talking about how great this upcoming 2014 NBA draft will be.  How top heavy it is and there is at least 3 franchise players (Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker, and Marcus Smart) in the top 10.  So this year you successfully tanked now you will have the chance to get some real talent out of the Draft.  Great thing is Nash and Pau Gasol can come off your books so your cap space will be great.  That’s when you go after LBJ and Melo.  Bring them together with, one of the guards I mentioned (Evans, Bledsoe, or Gordon) and hopefully you land in the top 5 of draft picks, even if you don’t you will at least be in the top 10 which will yield you a good to eventual great player.  Now you have a Dynasty that could probably go for 5 years.  Your young and talented, with LeBron leading the way.  Maybe he will have another pep rally telling the world how many rings they will win.

I know this is not as simple as it sounds and there would be a ton of numbers to crunch and make work for this to happen, but if you want to win you have to know when it is time to cut bait and look toward the future.  I’m sure Kobe has some trade clause in his contract so the hardest sell would be to Kobe.  But what sounds better then the King, with Melo ruling over the league in Hollywood?  If that were to happen That Would Be The End, of the Lakers struggles, other superstars winning rings, and Kobe’s career.

Jason "Big J" Allen  @UnsportsmenBigJ

Jason “Big J” Allen