By Maurice “Cool Reece” Thomas @coolreece15

“The office or position of a Leader” Merrier-Webster definition of Leadership.

Can Rajon Rondo Lead???  With Garnet, Pierce, and Rivers gone can Rondo be the man?  Meaning can he led the Boston Celtics to eventually win a championship or compete in the east?  Some say no; some say yes, but everyone has a different opinion or idea of leadership.  The bottom line is we question Rondo’s integrity at times.  Can Rajon Rondo be trusted to honor his values, and does he behave ethically?   We know off the court  he has never been a trouble maker, and has no reports of getting arrested.

“The act or an instance of Leading” Merrier-Webster second definition of Leadership

On the court Rondo’s play and stats speak for themselves.  Rondo is one of the best defenders in the game, and very unselfish player.  Through out his career Rondo has averaged 11pts, 8asst, 5rebs, while shooting 48% from the field.  The more amazing thing is how he takes his play to another level once the playoffs start, which is a true sign of a great player; Rondo averages 14pts, 9asst, 6rebs.  Rondo has 4 All-Star appearances, Led the league in steals in 2010 (2.3) Led the league in  assist and triple doubles in 2012 (11.7 asst and 6 triple doubles) and 2013 (11.1 asst and 5 triple doubles).  Based on those stats you would have to say that Rondo could and should be a leader.

“Capacity to Lead” Merrier-Webster third definition of Leadership

What hurts Rondo is his relationships, it has reported that he is hard to coach and to play with. Even some rumors of fights in practice, granted it is hard to play with someone that you can’t get along with but who said leaders can’t be assholes?  Michael Jordan punched teammates, Kobe Bryant is known to alienate his teammates, hell he aggravated the great Phil Jackson.  Let’s give Rondo a break he is only 27.  Maybe there is some growing up to do, and finally without the veteran Big 2 (Pierce and Garnett), he can blossom into a new role.  Newly hired Head Coach Brad Stevens might let Rondo do more of his own thing and get out of Rondo what Doc Rivers never could.  At the end of the day through out Rondo’s career he has been statistically leading by example, now its time to Lead as the face of a rebuilding Celtics franchise.

Maurice "Cool Reece" Thomas @coolreece15

Maurice “Cool Reece” Thomas