An older article I wrote that I thought was cool and fun, so I decided to reblog. Be safe on this 4th of July


By Jason “Big J” Allen @unsportsmenBigJ

Queue Evil empire music from Star Wars.  Now enter Darth Vader or for this article Roger Goodell.  With Goodell coming out mentioning how he would want to get rid of the kickoff there has been a huge disturbance in the NFL “Force” and uproar.  At first I felt the same way and then I thought, maybe this is a good thing or a chance to open the door for improvements.  Why did I change my mind? Because just like Darth Vader, Roger Goodell needs to bring balance to the NFL or rather safety so the NFL will not become existent or worse GOVERNMENT RUN!

Don’t let your feelings cloud your judgment, young Jedi.  Most don’t like Goodell because we have felt he has taken his power overboard, but let’s not forget that no different then the Republic giving full power to Senator Palpatine, which…

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