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Take me out to the ball game, Take out to Turner Field, buy me a cold brew and some cracker jack (we know brothas don’t eat cracker jacks).  I don’t care if I never come back, let me root, root, root for the home team…  Hold on, I’m a Nationals fan, trapped in Bravo country… And secretly (or I guess now openly) LOVING IT!  Because the Atlanta Braves are the most exciting team in baseball.  Yes, you heard me,  THE MOST EXCITING TEAM IN BASEBALL!

Now in no way writing this am I turning in my Nationals warmup (Shout to Rico for buying me that).  I’m Washington Nationals to the day I die.  Even to the point that I’m trying to raise my daughter in Bravo country as a Nationals fan underneath her mother’s Brave enthusiast self and family.  All I’m saying is that watching the Bravos is some of the most entertaining baseball I have seen in a while.  Especially in Turner Field.  So why the statement?  What makes these Braves more entertaining than Puig, the Yankees, Red Sox, the first place Pirates, and the other teams in the MLB?  The answer is simple, the Long Ball!

The Braves offense is like a Home Run Derby every night.  Especially at Turner Field.  The Braves are 3rd in home runs with 102, only behind the Orioles (115) and Blue Jays (107).  These guys are swinging for the fences and living and dying by it.  With hitters like Upton (Justin not B.J.), McCann, Uggla, Freeman (who is just a stud), and Heyward (who hopefully will wake up) the Braves are playing to their strengths and that strength lies in balls that go over fences.  Once in a while they will attempt some small ball, and moving runners, but who has time for that?  Not these Braves, they scrap that and go long.  Also the flip side of that mentality that keeps the excitement flowing is the huge number of strikeouts the Braves hitters produce.  The Braves are second in being struck out (723) only behind the Astros (772), who have a problem hitting anything.  In all the excitement swinging for the fences the Braves also swing and hit a ton of air in the process.  The Braves can afford to get a way with this offensive mentality, because of the excellent pitching.

The Braves are second in ERA (3.19) so if your a purist that wants to see excellent pitching the Braves have that aspect covered too.  Huddy (Tim Hudson) is just a pure Ace, with Medlan, and Maholm doing their part to outclass the competition.  The funny thing is that they all have numerous pitches, and don’t over power hitters, they live in the pop out and ground out world.  The real power of the pitching staff comes in the close, literally Kimbrel is damn near unhittable.  Don’t let the Braves have a lead, because once “Welcome to the Jungle” starts to pump, the other team should just call the fat lady to warm up.

So what more can you ask for in a game?  The Braves are currently 4th in the League record wise (49-34), and are basically unbeatable at home (29-11).  I don’t know how this overaggressive offense will work in the playoffs with better pitchers and teams, but I know it will be a joy to watch the  all or nothing offensive approach, and the methodical pitching.  All of this has me saying something I never ever thought I would say, “I hope the Braves win the World Series”, so other teams will copy cat this style of play and we can get this excitement all over the league.  I guess not only chics dig the long ball.

Jason "Big J" Allen  @UnsportsmenBigJ

Jason “Big J” Allen