By Maurice “Cool Reece” Thomas @coolreece15

We all have heard of that term the “Patriot Way” but what does that term really mean?  I always thought of how they like to separate themselves from other teams in the league in so called class and sportsmanship.  Yet they had spy gate, they ran around and taunted the Jets after a victory, but got upset when the Jets responded in turn.  Some say the “Patriot Way” is a philosophy of champions or its about everyone doing their job as a team.  I’m starting to see the” Patriots Way” differently, how they cut or not resign players after they get old or maybe even get diabetes (sorry Kyle Love).  Maybe the “Patriots Way” is if  you complain about a check you don’t get a check, ask Wes Welker, because Danny Amendola got his check.  I feel like the “Patriot Way” is like the Sith Rule of Two, one Master (Belicheck) and one Apprentice (Tom Brady).

I could say that the “Patriot Way” is propaganda pushed by the Empire, with Belicheck being Palpatine and Tom Brady being Darth Vader.  The “Patriot Way” has always seemed to take troubled players and turn them into heroes in their system, ask Corey Dillon how it felt turning to the Darkside, Randy Moss even saw some glory and career revival.  Now you can’t save them all (Chad Johnson and Albert Haynesworth), but they do a great job of turning troubled players against the world.  As Palpatine would say it “let the hate flow through you”. We can all agree that as long as Belcheck and Brady are at the helm the “Patriot Way” will also stand for playing smart, being disciplined and everyone competing at their best.  Regardless what happens they always seem to overcome the odds, hell Vader.. I mean Brady got hurt and they still managed to have a winning season.  How long can this last though?

Are we starting to see the fall of the iron clad “Patriot Way”, because it’s starting to feel like a New Hope in the NFL, where the rebels (the rest of the league), maybe catching up or at least finding the one weakness in the Death Star (which was a glaring weakness, come on space design has to be better than that).  Obviously the force is not with Gronk because he can’t stay healthy.  The owner can’t keep up with his own damn ring. Lets not talk about Aaron Hernandez, because he is about to be in a heap of trouble.  Maybe just maybe with the recent signing of Tim Tebow, we are seeing a change to a new apprentice?  Palpatine did always want Luke Skywalker to join the Empire.  How do you transition from one Golden Boy?  You get another Golden Boy.  Tebow might cause more of a media frenzy for the upcoming season, but that’s if they put him on the field. I think it would be a good thing for Tebow, and if he is not the next apprentice he can at least be General Grievous.  So really what is the Patriot Way?  Seems like the term has changed since it was first penned.  We know this for certain, as long as the Sith Two reign at the top of the Galaxy, or NFL, we will be under their Rule!

Maurice "Cool Reece" Thomas @coolreece15

Maurice “Cool Reece” Thomas