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After watching the San Antonio Spurs absolutely CRUSH the Miami Heat in game three of the NBA Finals, it’s about time that people start giving the Spurs some credit.  The way the national media has been reporting (cough cough, worldwide leader, cough cough), you would think that the Heat were the Harlem Globetrotters playing the Washington Generals and not a team that has won four championships.  

The Spurs won game one, and all we heard about was “what’s wrong with the Heat? Should LeBron score more? Should he involve his teammates more?  The Heat win game two and it’s all over, the Spurs MUST WIN game three or they’re DONE!  LeBron makes the most overrated block of all time, on living legend Tiago Splitter, WOW!  All we hear about all day is how great that block was (that is until a certain quarterback was signed by New England Patriots…

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