Now we have talked about it on the show and I have tried my best to stay out of the conversation on the internet and beyond.  But to quote Yosemite Sam “I have had all I can take and I can’ts take no more”, THE REDSKIN NAME IS RACIST AND SHOULD change that NEEDS TO BE CHANGED!!!

            I know all you Redskin fans are rolling your eyes and claiming “its not racist” “I don’t think about American Indians when I hear Redskin”, or my favorite “everyone needs to stop being so PC (politically correct), its softening America.”  I say to all of those comments, its time to grow up and realize that just because you’re not offended doesn’t make it less offensive.

            What if the name was the Washington Niggers?  Why is that not acceptable?  Well because America has deemed that offensive, because African-Americans deemed it offensive.  America shutters when a person that is not African American uses the word, because we have told America that the word degrades, humiliates, and reminds America of a dark period in our history.  Now imagine if 13% of America was American Indian, now would we think Redskin was the same as Nigger?  Probably would, but since America pretty much has buried the culture and existence of American Indians the name doesn’t matter to the majority.

            Now what way can you battle ignorance? Hmm…  I know with knowledge, here is some food for thought.  First look at the Washington Wizards, they went from the BULLETS to the Wizards.  Why?  Because Abe Pollin felt a responsibility to the city he was in and was concerned about the gun violence in Washington D.C.  Now do we really think that the name Bullets for the basketball team was contributing to the gun violence in Washington D.C.?  Absolutely not, but Pollin wanted to be the change he wanted to see in his city.  Now the name Redskin is not going to change the American Indians lot in America, but as country that tries its best to battle, destroy, and ostracize racism, and discrimination a name change would be a way to say we are not going to tolerate or accept a blatant offensive name no matter the repercussion.  Again be the change you want to see.

            Let’s get into the history of the Redskin’s, who used to be the Boston Braves.  Owner George Preston Marshall (I will get on him later) changed their name to the Redskins in honor of their first coach Lone Star Dietz, who claimed to have American Indian ancestry.  Well I know the masses are saying “see it was an honor thing, not an offensive thing.”  We do realize that this change was in 1933, where you could publicly still say things like Nigger, Spick, China Man, and anything toward a Jew.  So let’s say he was naming them the Redskins in honor, but he was using a slur that was ok to be used at the time.  The word should not be ok to use today, agreeing to the Redskin name is basically agreeing to the old history of racist and discriminatory America.  Next we should commend the KKK for keeping their 1930’s attitude toward America.

            Now on to George Preston Marshall, a noted and widely recognized racist, and how do we know this?  Well Marshall and the Redskins were the last team in the NFL to allow Black players.  To the point Marshall was pushed by the Washington Post and was told by the Government that he either start allowing Black players or face legal action from the Kennedy administration.  Funny how history repeats itself; Daniel Snyder is getting pressure from the media and Congress to do the right thing in regards to race, and change the Redskin name.

            All in all is changing the name really going to hurt anybody?  Yet we know that keeping the name does hurt people.  So we as a Nation rather accept hurting people racially because we ourselves are not offended?  When the simple alternative is something that everyone can be pleased with, I have heard solutions as simple as the Redtails for the Black Tuskegee Airmen, especially since D.C. is chocolate city.

            Lastly we are not making America soft or to overly PC, with a name change.  Really it is just the opposite the strong or tough thing to do is take a stand against a tradition that is rooted in everyone’s mind.  Let’s not forget the Golden State Warriors used to have an American Indian as their Mascot and got rid of the image of it and now people don’t even remember that the name had an American Indian connection.  In time people will forget that the Redskin was associated with the Washington insert new name, and if people still do remember the name and one day your child asks about the name Redskin, it would be a great opportunity to explain how the NFL and America continue to conquer racism and discrimination.

I really wanted to end this article with the great speech from Mathew McConnaughey in “A Time To Kill”, where he describes the brutal rape that Sam Jackson’s daughter endured, which prompted Jackson’s character to kill the people involved.  At the end of the story he tells the jury “Imagine she was white”.  When it comes to offensive words, terms, and imagery imagine if it was you and you had to live with it everyday.  The name has to GO!

Jason “Big J” Allen