Sorry for the delay still upset about my Knicks losing so I raised the prices in the Boom Boom Room and U.O.E.N.O it (Shout out to Rocko).  Alright time to make the same moves in a calendar year as Jamie Foxx from a slave named D’jango to the President (White House Down).

While looking at the Final Four teams left in the NBA Playoffs Indiana, Memphis, Miami, and  San Antonio I realized two things; there’s not one team from a major market.  No NY, LA, CHI, BOS, or DALL, even though there’s no place like Miami right Pitbull.  Furthermore there’s not much star power besides LBJ and Wade (No Melo, Kobe, Durant, Rose, Dirk, CP3) and yes I know Duncan aka Timmy has 4 rings and is a sure fired Hall of Famer but having one commercial where him and Steve Nash are dribbling basketballs doesn’t make you an appealing superstar.  However, the point I’m making is playing with grit, toughness, and togetherness (Grizzlies, Pacers, and Spurs) is the new way to be successful in the NBA and will the league be okay with that?  I guess the ratings will determine how the league feels about it.

Onto my thoughts…
1. Damn blaming Melo, Chandler, and JR the reasons why the Knicks lost the series.
2. Forget the flagrant foul the way Tony Allen was rolling on the floor in game 2 I thought he got shot.
3. Memo to all sports franchises when you think you have it bad, look at the Astros!
4. Go ahead and start those Dwight Howard to the Rockets rumors.
5.Can we please start CP3 to the Knicks rumors (wishful thinking on my part)
6. I gotta hand it to Miguel to sing, dance, and do a WWE move is impressive. The way he kicked one girl in the head and did a Hulk Hogan leg drop on the other and still be composed enough to still sing mad props… right Chris Brown (who had an awful performance at the billboard).
7.  Charles Woodson goes full circle, by going back to Oakland, critics are wondering why, well let me give you 4.3mil reasons.
8. I’d like to see RGIII buy some game tickets for those fans that bought him gifts on his registry, instead of sending out pics of him posing on gift boxes (yeah I’m hating)
9. NY Rangers down 3-0 can they make the comeback?  Doesn’t matter because the Penguins will probably win the Cup anyway.
10. So every time Dan Gilbert puts his son on stage, Stern gives Cavs the 1st pick.  After all MJ did for the league he can’t give the Bobcats/Hornets just one? I’m just saying (shout out to JD)

These are just my thoughts right or wrong its how I’m feeling at the time.  Tell me how you feel or what you think on twitter @bprunsportsmenm

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Ray “Big Play” Miller