Birthday celebration week in the Boom Boom Room, birthday, it’s your birthday (2chainz voice).  We got shots of Crown Royal and Crown and cranberry cocktails on special.

The pressure of succeeding when you’re the second team in your own city, the Brooklyn Nets fired P.J. Carlesimo after his great run (35-19) and terrible game 7 finish as an interim coach.  It made me think if the Nets didn’t play in the same city as my Knickerbockers would P.J. be gone? heck would Avery Johnson be fired after being only (14-14)?  Would the White Sox be lovable losers, would the Clippers still have sellouts if they didn’t win 50 games?  I see it all the time in football. my Jets chase headlines because the G-Men own the city. They say you should never run your organization based on the fans and media, however all 2nd teams in big markets do.  Second teams trade for that player they shouldn’t have, signed a player to an extension they shouldn’t have, and etc etc. With the Russian billionaire wanting to overtake the Knicks it seems as they will possibly go the Jordan (Bobcat) route with coaching changes.
Onto my thoughts:

1. Ladies and Gents Craig Kimbrel is human 3 blown saves already (Happy day for the Mets, and Nats)
2. Matt “The Real Deal” Harvey is what I say THE REAL DEAL! The Mets have an ACE (Oh Happy Day Again)
3. Ryan Clark saying Tom Brady sees ghost is classic.  True statement, but remember what happened to Anthony Smith, who played for the Steelers, when he called out Brady (threw two touchdowns on him, so Nov. 3rd can’t come quick enough)
4. I love the way Joakim Noah plays, wish he was a Knick
5. Experts picking Grizzlies to make the finals.  I don’t know about that one
6. Safe to say Iman Shumpert is back!  What a DUNK (fun fact Shumpert and Rose had the same injury on the same day, I guess Shumpert is comfortable)
7. Charles Ramsey “I barbecued with the dude.  Should’ve known something was wrong when a pretty white girl runs to a black man”  True Statement, but at least Ramsey did the right thing.
8. A lot controversy around Geno and he ain’t even play a game yet. Good luck brotha
9. I don’t care if Peyton Manning can remember a play from college; can he remember how to throw the football in cold weather?
10. Tebow God Bless

 Once again its just my thoughts, right or wrong its how I’m feeling at the time.

 Ray “Big Play” Miller