The renovations are done bitches we back in business (hey what that ninja doing on the nag) #D’jango; drink specials as usual we rolling out those green jello shots for draft week (you know I rep the Jets). We pushing things far back like Jamarcus Russell hairline and weight so let’s get it.
Playoff season is in full effect with the 1st team to win 16 winning the championship.  Can the KING be dethroned (you know in my eyes it’s blue and orange skies).  However, most analysts feel that the Heat will run through the east with there only challenge coming from a western conference team in the finals.  So who will it be (Den, OKC, SA, LAC).  I’ll roll with OKC, unless my Knicks take them out first, should be a great playoffs onto my damn thoughts….
1. Darrelle Revis is a great player (I have his jersey) but the joker ain’t Deion Sanders.  Hey if TB dumb enough to give you $16mil a yr go get your money.
2. David Ortiz “this is our effing city” I love it we all #prayforboston.
3. I thought the Knicks played the worst game they could’ve played in Game 1 and won.  I see Knicks in five.
4. Chicago Bulls wtf was that, awful Game 1 performance, but bounced back in Game.  Will the real Chi Town please stand up?
5. How Noah playing on one leg and D.Rose can’t play at all that’s BS.
6. So is that what Deron Williams plays like when he likes his coach damn Jerry Sloan and Avery Johnson.
7. How does Andre Miller score 28pts in a playoff game…  ridiculous
8. I know Doris Burke is a member of Mark Jackson’s congregation (her words “greatest man she’s ever heard give a speech” child please) my question is how much is she tithing and odfwri.
9. Feel bad for my man David Lee tough injury.
10. LBJ was wearing one of Chris Bosh’s deermeat sweaters during the postgame press conference.
*bonus* quote from Jason1Goff after Jeremy Lin’s terrible game 1 performance “remember Linsanity, I don’t either” classic he don’t want it with Westbrook

We Back check for me returning to my Tuesday Spotlight

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