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So the NFL had its Scouting Combine this weekend in what some people claim is the underwear Olympics.  Although, I think it’s overrated in all the coverage of it, I definitely understand its importance for scouts, GMs, and coaches, to get the exact height, weight and medical on these players like Jarvis Jones and Star Loutiteli.  Teams are on the verge of giving these players multimillion dollar contracts so you better cover your ass especially on the medical before you pick one of these guys.  However, I’m not the late Al “Just Win Baby!” Davis a 4.25 40 would make me go back and take a look at some more tape on the player, but not automatically pick you (Darius Heyward-Bey anybody).

At the end of the day what you do on the field is what you should be judged by; not what you ran in the 40, how fast you do other drills, how high, or long you could jump.  I wanna know why you dominated weak competition but struggled so badly against elite competition as a JETS fan we already been GHOLSTONED once.

Onto my thought:
1.  Mel Kiper Jr knows all the players, don’t know what Todd McShay is good for but Mike Mayock is the best in the damn business period.  Yea I said it!
2. Dion Jordan of Oregon won’t get past Gang Green at 9 take it to the bank.
3.  Michael Irvin said and I quote when speaking of Mantei Te’o “I’m not worried about the girlfriend hoax, I wanna make sure that Alabama game was a hoax).” Classic.
4.  I don’t like any of the QB’s coming out, if it’s my pick I take a mid round guy and develop him.
5.  Surprised Josh Smith didn’t get traded.  He already looks like “Game” the rapper so he would have been good in L.A.
6.  For what Bill Russell had to go through back in the day you would think he’d keep a clean cut.  #ThrowTheFlag
7.  I’m tired of the Danica Patrick talk, but James Franco she is a driver at least respect that.
8.  Season already starting bad for the Yanks (Granderson out 10 weeks damn)
9. My final four going into March is Miami, Indiana, Michigan, and Florida
10. How does Daequan Bowers go into a NYC airport with a loaded gun, are you serious have you forgotten about Plaxico #dumbninja.  At least he wasn’t doing the Stanky Leg and shot himself, I guess.


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