I have a major bone (no pun… just wait for it) to pick with Sportsdom.  Not fandom because you root for your team and against your rivals, that’s fair.  I hate the rooting for the underdog when you have nothing invested.  Now when I say the underdog, Im not talking teams almost even and Vegas dictates the underdog, I mean no business being there upsets.  Don’t you want to see the best competitive match ups if you have no dog… I mean horse in the race.

I had this feeling about this article because I was sitting at the Gwinnett Famous Sweetwater bar and grill, and Serena Williams was playing that Sloane Stephens.  Now if you follow tennis you know that Williams ended up losing, but what bothered me was that a lot of folks in the bar were happy about this.  My initial reaction was they all most be either racist (Oh yea they are both Black, sorry country was playing at the time so I jumped to conclusions, jk), or they just hated Serena, because we know she can be very DIVAish.  When I asked people about it they were neither racist nor a Serena hater, they just wanted to see the underdog win and shake things up.  WHAT?!?!? (Plus Serena losing stopped me from reposting my “Serena will MJ” article)

It just shocks me because I have never really felt that way, Heck I’m the guy that takes all chalk on his March Madness bracket.  Now shout out to Sloane Stephens, because she is no slouch, but I rather see Serena going up against Victoria Azarenka, who is the defending Champion at the time.  Well Stephens played great and robbed us of the opportunity, yet the crowd I was with wanted just that.  Now the next round nobody paid attention or cared and why, because they didn’t recognize the name so it didn’t matter.  Yet if Williams wins they are watching the next round.  That’s when it hit me, people rather see people closer to them win or be successful, until they get to successful and then you get rooted against, ask Tom Brady how the tables turn.  Funny thing is in the next round versus Azarenka the crowd was behind Stephens to comeback and win.

So people rather see the underdog triumph over seeing a more competitive match up with the best vs the best?  You know when that happened alot?  In the Super Bowls during the mid 80’s up to the late 90’s, the Super Bowls were not competitive at all, and you can make an argument that certain teams shouldn’t have been in those Super Bowls, look at a lot of those blow out Super Bowls the losing team usually beat a team they shouldn’t have a round earlier.

Now I know everyone is saying that the beauty of sports blah blah, I’m not saying those teams didn’t win and deserve to be there because they earned the right to be there, I’m just saying if my team is out of it and my rivals are out of it I’m rooting for the BEST possible match up.  That’s all.  March Madness has been a huge contributor to this Sportsdom of unlikely underdogs advancing and people crave more upsets.  I think it is a mental thought of the Evil Empire versus the masses.  This year a lot of people will root against DUKE in the tourney for no other reason but just because they have been a historically successful team.  I have no bone to pick with DUKE, since Penn State never sniffs the tourney, I will be rooting for Duke to advance until they face a better team in my opinion.

I guess all I’m trying to get out is that if I’m going to watch something, I want to see the highest caliber of performers and performance.  Not the doghouse team that is just happy to be there.  Just think if you used that mentality in other parts of life?  A star studded concert is coming to town and at the last minute they sub in no names that are less talented.  Or if malls started putting nothing but upstart stores, with bad quality, in there complex, like always you will find a jewel, but the rest would be useless.  Or your favorite designer decided its best to let the other guys get a chance and let’s them start designing your clothes.  So the next time you want to tout the Underdog out of the kennel and into your life just remember, it’s a reason why pedigree is pedigree, and you should always want the best of the best if your own dog is at home.