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“When I look at our football team and what we have on paper … I think we have a chance to be that. I think we have a chance to develop a dynasty,” these words would come back to haunt Michael Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles in 2012.  Maybe Vick was not being dumb, but rather Ms. Cleo and seeing the future.  Maybe it was Andy Reid’s fault for bringing Vick in or making poor Defensive Coordinator decisions?  Now we might have a new coach who could possibly use Vick.

What does new Head Coach Chip Kelly look for in a QB? First, “a QB with big hands to throw the ball”, people always talk about Vick’s small stature and SMALL HANDS; negative for Vick.  Second, “a QB that doesn’t take sacks”, Vick was sacked 7.4% of drop backs 28th highest in the league; negative for Vick.  “QB’s that get the ball out quickly”, because Kelly wants the ball out in 1.5 seconds.  Granted that will be hard in the NFL, but Vick averaged 2.7 seconds and had trouble making quick reads; negative for Vick.  So far Kelly is not looking good for Vick.

Let’s look at the QB’s that have been under Kelly’s tutelage as a Head Coach.

  • Dennis Dixon– Talented guy with an average deep ball, but rarely turns the ball over.  Can run effectively when needed to, but lacked accuracy under pressure and lacks bulk.  Very similar to Vick.
  • Jeremiah Masoli- Got booted from the team but he was a 5’11 speedy QB that had an average arm.  Body type close to Vick, but washed out so we never got to see what he could have been in the system.
  • Darren Thomas- Another 6’3 guy like Dixon, Thomas did have flawed mechanics, so it made him inaccurate at times.  Again he rarely turned the ball over, and was good at making plays with his legs and moving the pocket.
  • Marcus Mariota- It’s early on him but he is also a dual threat pass/run.  Sporting a 6’4 frame, but is a bit lanky.  Has a strong arm and is very accurate

We can see three things in this group, that Kelly can coach with different types, that the players arms don’t have to be great, and that he teaches QB’s how to NOT make mistakes.  These are all factors in Vick’s favor.

Next I looked at a Chip Kelly game, so I watched the last game Chip Kelly coached, the bowl game against Kansas State.  I noticed Oregon ran some of the same plays as the Eagles; a lot of plays from Shotgun, read options, and screens.  What was different was the up tempo offense and dedication to the run game, remember:  PASS HAPPY ANDY REID IS GONE!  Kelly, unlike the Reid, likes to spread the defense to create space.  This year the Eagles ran a lot of bunched formations to help the offensive line protect Vick.

With this new scheme I think it would be great fit the Eagles.  We have a star running back, which can run between the tackles, and has good hands to catch out of the backfield.  The Eagles also have a solid backup at running back, speedy receivers that you have to respect deep so teams will play off thus giving the WR space for quick hitting plays.  If Kelly can keep the offensive line healthy with having a young team we could do damage.

Kelly’s biggest challenge will be the question of who is “HIS quarterback”.  Can he fix Michael Vick and give him a chance to redeem himself ala Jim Harbaugh and Alex Smith?  If Vick is healthy and Kelly can produce a great running game like in Atlanta he might be the guy (until he gets a concussion and Kelly goes with the QB he brings in #Kapernicking). Good luck Eagles, and just don’t talk shit next year.

Maurice "Cool Reece" Thomas @CR_UnSportsMen

Maurice “Cool Reece” Thomas