I have wanted to write this article for a while, but I ran away from it and thinking that it was too over the top.  Then I realized that we keep it real here at UnSportsMenMic so I’m about to dive into a territory that no one wants to hear.  I think Black coaches don’t get fair shots in NCAA Division I football because of the Magical Negro Syndrome.

I know some of you are saying “What the heck is the Magical Negro Syndrome?” The Magical Negro is a somewhat mystical supporting stock character in fiction that, by use of special insight or powers, helps the white protagonist get out of trouble.  Some of the most famous ones to give you an example are Michael Clark Duncan in the Green Mile, The Oracle in the Matrix trilogy, and Chubbs in Happy Gilmore or as I call him Apollo Creed in golf.  Key and Peele did a great skit on the Magical Negro (YouTube it).  I think NCAA Division I football is looking for these guys in real life.

I know now your saying “What!?!?!  Come on Jason, you are talking crazy” For those that think I’m talking crazy I guess its my job to show you I’m not crazy just a bit of a Donkey Brained Man (Shout out to Always Sunny In Philadelphia).  I just take a grand look at the scene and that is the feeling I get, and it’s hard to shake.  So let’s get into it.

In Hollywood these characters take a down and out, lacking direction or a non motivated character and teach or show them the way.  Most of these schools that hire these Black coaches, have a pretty huge good ole boy system in place where they want “THEIR” guy, but when their guy doesn’t want the job or is unavailable they some what settle for the black coach.  When these coaches are hired they are expected to magically turn these programs around immediately.  Most should know that in college you need at LEAST 4 years to see if your coach is worth anything.  I look at programs like Notre Dame and Ty Willingham who was 21-15 (3 years) in Notre Dame, but was let.  Why?  Like Coach Boo would say he won too quickly.

With being the Magical Negro you typically turn the program around quickly and expectations are high from that point on.  These expectations usually crush these coaches.  Once they are crushed, they are fired, and are never allowed another opportunity to Head Coach at that level again (minus Ty Willingham).  I just feel like the boosters and officials making the system say, “Hey we gave the black coach a try it didn’t work, so let’s go another direction.”  Once the “magic” is gone the coaches go back to obscurity.

Now I’m not saying white caches don’t get a bad wrap look at Gene Chizik and Auburn, which was total disrespect after winning National Championship 2 years ago.  I’m just saying that I think black coaches are given a “chance” with either the expectation of Greatness, or a firing, there is no average involved.  Look at how many coaches that failed in their first tenure as a head coach and later became great Nick Saban (Michigan State), Les Miles (Oklahoma State), Heck look at Bill Snyder first tenure with Kansas State that ended badly, but they rehired him in 2009.  The point is they all learned from their mistakes and came back stronger.  Black coaches in the NCAA football have to be allowed the chance to come back stronger.

I propose the Rooney Rule for the NCAA, where you have to “SERIOUSLY” interview at least one minority candidate for all sports related positions, with stiff penalties for schools that don’t take the interview process seriously.  Lastly black coaches need to use their magical abilities and take the advice of, the legendary pioneer in hiring black coaches, Al Davis and “Just Win Baby!”  R.I.P. Al Davis