I’m writing this in the thought that Rob Parker shouldn’t be suspended because of his comments.  Mainly because I feel he was comparing his disapproval of Tiger Woods distancing himself from his “Blackness” to the possibility of RGIII doing the same.  I know majority of people out there are going to say, who is he to judge what’s Black or why does it matter, because obviously you can tell by his skin color he is black.  My response to that is as a culture especially in inner city black communities, staying “black” is a huge thing and we have had a lot of black people feel ashamed or bad about their skin color and want to rip it off of themselves.  I for one don’t think RGIII is distancing himself from being black rather he is distancing himself from the media lumping all black quarterbacks in the same field of measurement.

Now let me kill the haters early to get it out of the way.  If you saw my resume of life from a distance you would contend that I’m not “black” enough.  Why do you ask?  I have never been “Good Times” poor, if you met me in a professional atmosphere I’m very articulate, I went to a great college (shout out to Penn State), have been skiing, hunting, fishing, and most of all engaged to a WHITE WOMAN, oh yea and we have a little “OBAMA BABY”.  So if I gave this resume to your locale urban barber shop I would be considered a possible “sell out” or uppity.

Where the Rob Parker thing comes into issue is Rob was asking if RGIII is a “cornball brother” and by my resume I’m on too.  When he says “Cornball brother” he means the brother that is like Carlton from “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” and there was even a episode that addressed Carlton’s blackness.  Yea he likes Khakis, his family is rich (dad a judge, light skinned and dark skinned mom a College Professor), dances in classic white moves, and loves Tom Jones “its not unusual”.  See typical “Cornball brother”, and that was what Rob Parker wanted to know.  If he wasn’t RGIII Washington Redskins QB, and was Robert Griffin III working at your post office, a lot of brothers would have been, “why this dude talk so good, and stuff.”,  “What he don’t like sistas he got to go get him a white woman?”, “You talking Republican? You know they hate black people just ask Kanye.”   These are the bad perceptions in the Black community.

Now going back to me why does my “blackness” not get questioned?  Because I ooze proud, powerful, and respectable “BLACKNESS” (oh yea that ooze is cocoa butter).  I understand and get the plight of Blacks in America and I do all I can to represent us, not “Meet the Browns” represent, I mean Cosby Show represent.  Within minutes of meeting me you know that I’m a proud black man and everything I accomplish in my life is for my self and family name, but also for “the cause” of black America.  I’m so Black I don’t watch BET!  And the great thing is my “blackness” I got it from my momma (thank you Juvenile).  That ooze I mentioned a few sentences ago is something that honestly you don’t feel from RGIII.  I admit I heard him speak before I ever saw his face and my first thought was he was white, and when I saw him I was like “Hell yeah we got a brotha tearing the college world up.”

A great book to read is “How To Be Black”, by Baratunde Thurston, and its not what you think.  He speaks about the evolving image of blacks and how it is not just one thing anymore, but he does it in a funny, satirical, and light way.  This new image of blacks is becoming equality, and I mean that in the sense that brothas are riding skateboards with skinny jeans and some vans.  When I came up if you weren’t rocking Nike’s you was a lame.  This new “blackness” is black kids listen to rock, and punk.  My cousin growing up (and he is mixed but we totally identified him as black) listened to rock, and absolutely loved Aerosmith and we all clowned him for that.  No Rap your Whack!  This new “blackness” is yup you said it, is very… non black, rather just people being people.  That statement confuses some of the older black community because in their world if your non black, you’re WHITE!  (Sorry other races you didn’t spray us with hoses and enslave us to build a country for you so we don’t count you).

A story for you is that when I turned 18 and registered for the draft and voter registration I listed my political association as Republican.  When my mother saw that we had to have a discussion of why I chose that and how the party does not help “people” in our situation.  Now she would love me all the same but let’s be real being black and republican is not “black” and that’s what she was trying to persuade me from.  The older black community was around when they couldn’t sit in certain seats, they heard Malcolm (not Jamal Warner) and Martin (not Lawrence) on their radios or TV if they were lucky.  They marched and fought, my mother was part of a sit in growing up.  They knocked down the racial doors with Black Fist Hair Picks, and never want any of the new generation to forget it.  They also want the next generation to pick up that knocked over door and shred it and make steps out of it to take blacks to the next level.

Rob Parker wants RGIII to accept that and make a new step for blacks in America, the same way our First Black President, who is actually mixed, and can lay claim to being white accepts his “blackness” by not rejecting it ala Tiger Woods to an extent.  He just wants the same from RGIII accept the hand, play the cards, and win.  When you do that there are no black comparisons there is just being a winner.  Here is an answer Rob Parker would have loved to hear RGIII make, “I don’t want to be compared to QB who doesn’t have a ring, if you want to compare me compare me to a Doug Williams, or an Aaron Rodgers.” or “I want to be looked at as a great QB, and hopefully show the world that you can win a championship with an athletic QB that has a great ability to run as well as pass effectively.”  See total cocoa butter, pink moisturizer, oozing of “blackness” while getting your point across.

Lastly with all this being said I love RGIII.  I get excited to see an articulate, educated, talented, and great young man…  I mean young BLACK man be seen on TV, give all of us a great image.  Its better than the 6 o’clock news version of black America (#saggingpants, #ignorantspeaking #MartaBusGirl), no offense to Tyler Perry make that money man, but sometimes I feel he represents a coonery image of Blacks (if you ever get time watch Hollywood Shuffle, by Robert Townsend, and Bamboozled by Spike Lee and you will see why I feel the way about some Tyler Perry projects).

So again you don’t have to like or agree with Rob Parker’s statements, but I hope I could give a better insight on why he said what he said, and I still feel he should not have been suspended for it.  Yet Stephen A. Smith made a great point during that segment he made a comment basically saying that you can say all this in the barber shop, but the barber shop is not national TV…  Sorry I have to go, I have Fried Chicken to eat, while listening to rap, and trying to figure out how to get our 13% to over throw WHITEY!