By Jason “Big J” Allen @unsportsmenBigJ

Queue Evil empire music from Star Wars.  Now enter Darth Vader or for this article Roger Goodell.  With Goodell coming out mentioning how he would want to get rid of the kickoff there has been a huge disturbance in the NFL “Force” and uproar.  At first I felt the same way and then I thought, maybe this is a good thing or a chance to open the door for improvements.  Why did I change my mind? Because just like Darth Vader, Roger Goodell needs to bring balance to the NFL or rather safety so the NFL will not become existent or worse GOVERNMENT RUN!

Don’t let your feelings cloud your judgment, young Jedi.  Most don’t like Goodell because we have felt he has taken his power overboard, but let’s not forget that no different then the Republic giving full power to Senator Palpatine, which birthed Emperor Palpatine, the players granted Empe…  I mean Roger Goodell this power.  So don’t get mad when he “force chokes” your favorite players with fines and suspensions, because this is the bed the players made.

I know I know, he is taking away the violence in the game and yes we watch for the total carnage on the field.  Football is Violent and it’s our modern day Gladiator sport and he is making them wear “Skirts” (in my best southern redneck voice), but that comment is a total lie.  Fantasy Football please stand up.  This game has made the NFL more popular than anything else especially with the female demographic.  As a Fantasy Football owner you just love 6-3 scores right?  I know you do.  Also numbers and ratings have shown that the viewing public hates low scoring games or what we all call DEFENSIVE BATTLES.  Look at the Baltimore vs New York Giants Super Bowl in 2000 a 40.4 rating, and even the Tampa Bay and Raiders Super Bowl a 40.7 rating.  What do they all have in common?  Low ratings.  The average Super Bowl rating in the modern era (1998-2009) is 41.7 the thought that it would be a defensive battle, and low scoring, people thought it would be boring.  So violence is not the attraction for Football.

Lastly I’m defending Darth Goodell because with the recent lawsuits against the league about player safety and trauma after their career, Goodell HAS to make the game safer.  Why?  Because what happens if the NFL is deemed unsafe for the public?  Either the Government gets rid of it or the Government takes over it.  Look at our history in America, Government in Drugs, Alcohol (at one point the gov’t thought it was too dangerous and outlawed it until crime and bootlegging alcohol made cities more dangerous so they brought it back under restrictions), Cars with seat belts, and even gun control.  Things deemed unsafe the gov’t takes care of.  So Goodell is doing whatever he can to preserve our precious sport.

Now I don’t think getting rid of kickoffs is the answer, but I do believe thinking outside the box like this will eventually lead to the answer.  So just like Darth Vader, Goodell had to go to the Darkside and become the villain to protect the ones he loves (NFL).  But just like Luke Skywalker, NFL fans are stubborn, arrogant, and refusing to see through our emotions.  Just face it Darth Goodell is our Father and will eventually protect us from the Emperor Palpatine U.S. Government.


P.S.- Sidebar I never understood how Luke’s lightsaber went from Blue to Green between Empire Strikes Back to Return of the Jedi.

Jason "Big J" Allen  @UnsportsmenBigJ

Jason “Big J” Allen