By:  Jason “Big J” Allen

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“Grab ‘em by da throat, Grab ‘em Grab ‘em by da throat, Push ‘em in the head, Stomp, Stomp, Stomp ‘em in the face,  and kick ‘em nuts”- sorry this is just an excerpt from my latest rap song called Ndamukong Suh.  Funny thing is these are just not lyrics over exaggerating life, this is a reality of the 2 time reigning champion of dirtiest player in the NFL; Donkey Kong Suh (I know Cortland Finnegan, former dirtiest player, is happy).  When is enough, ENOUGH NFL or Detroit Lions?

Every week we look at the NFL fine and call people out on hard hits, and the reason they preach these measures is for the safety of the players.  Donkey Kong Suh is a living, breathing, pass rushing determinant to player safety.  How can this guy continue to be employed in a league that tried to suspend on of the most respected players in the game, Ed Reed, for a split second judgment call hit?  Yet Suh who is consistently making these decisions to be DIRTY, continues to be given benefit of the doubt.

Notice I said DIRTY not AGGRESSIVE play, there is a major difference in the two.  If I rush the passer, fall, and aggressively pursue the QB and hit him below the knee and get a flag, ok that’s aggressive.  If I get thrown to the ground and use my leg to clip the QB, again illegal, but aggressive play.  If I try to kick the QB in the jewels?  That’s down right Christiana Aguilera “Dirty”.

InEpisode 8 of UnSportsMenMic Conduct, I mentioned Jim Schwartz as a possible coach to be fired and this was part of the reason.  Schwartz said he didn’t see the play as it happened but said he’d “be very surprised if it was anything other than just the natural course of the game.”  What?  The Lions should have been the first to hand out discipline, but instead they will do like they do with all their players let them run the asylum.  The Lions have had repeat issues with Leshoure, Farley, Berry (who was released), and now Young, sorry Young Sr..  You will never win with these knuckle heads, especially with one of their leaders being Donkey Suh.

I know the older players will say that’s how we played the game, and I respect the good ole days, Shout out to Deacon Jones, but in this new NFL it’s not allowed anymore.  The NFL is facing lawsuits now for not protecting their players in the past and not releasing knowledge to the players of what lasting effects head injuries would do to them.  You know a good way to stamp, excuse me stomp, your message of player safety?  Suspend Suh for a YEAR, so he wouldn’t be able to play until Thanksgiving next year.  I know it’s harsh but so was Bounty Gate, and that was mainly about what? Player safety!  Its time for Roger Goodell to stand up and slightly steal a line from Denzel Washington’s, Alonzo Harris character, in Training Day, “Donkey Kong Suh and got sh*# on me, and your suspended for a year”

Jason "Big J" Allen  @UnsportsmenBigJ

Jason “Big J” Allen