As I sat down to watch the Falcons on Sunday night versus the Cowboys I got an instant feeling of Déjà Vu.  No, I didn’t see a black cat go by twice nor was I expecting Agent Smith and the crew to bust in (I will give a dollar to the first person to get the reference).  I just felt like I had been here or felt this way before about a team.  After another Falcons win,I left and hopped in my Delorean, and went back to the year 2009.

There I was,  sitting around and Hating, “I don’t believe in the Saints, they haven’t played anybody, the defense can’t stop people they just rely on turnovers, you won’t be able to beat better teams playing like that.” And the list went on, how naïve I was.  That year the Saints went on to win the Super Bowl, Dem Saints showed me.  We all know a foolish man doesn’t learn from his mistakes and after I looked at the Falcons they could be this years 2009 Saints.

Some early similarities, both had never won a Super Bowl, both used to be in the NFC West.  Both started out 8-0 (Saints actually got up to 13-0 before losing). In 2009 the Saints changed Offensive (Doug Marrone to Pete Carmichael) and Defensive (Gary Gibbs to Greg “Bounty Gate aka you don’t want to see Kyle Williams’ dad in the streets” Williams) Coordinators.  This year the Falcons hired Dirk “new Norv Turner” Koetter to handle the offense and Mike Nolan to run the Defense.  Also both teams picked up key secondary pieces in the off season, the Saints got Darren Sharper, and the Falcons traded for Asante Samuels.  I know all that is window dressing but look at the similar numbers in the first 8 games.

2012 Falcons Categories 2009 Saints
46.6% 3rd % 44.7%
68.7% Pass Competition % 68.3%
17/6 TD/INT 17/7
15 Sacks Allowed 12
Eagles Marquee Win Eagles
  Defensive Numbers  
19 Sacks 19
24 Tackles for Loss 23
10 Int 16
10 Forced Fumbles 9
  4th quarter -/+ 7pts  
3 Int 4
2 Forced Fumbles 3
28 Average return yds 27
43 Net punt Distance 38
10 Punts inside 20 5
Peyton Manning ??? (TBD) MVP Peyton Manning
Matt Ryan TBD Runner up MVP Drew Brees

The 2009 Saints had a killer running game that year, where the Falcons if they have an offensive weakness it’s the run game.  Though the 2012 Falcons are way better special teams wise, Matt Bryant has only missed one kick this year, where as the Saints missed numerous kicks.  Both teams struggled against stopping the run and give up a ton of yards, but as you see from the numbers they create turnovers.

I looked at the Saints first 7 victories and the combined record was 25-24, the Falcons first 7 victories and the combined record was 18-31, so you can see why the Falcons do get a bit of disrespect about not playing anybody, but the Dirty Birds didn’t make their schedule.

So does this information make you a believer? Are you starting to come around to the thought of Falcons vs Denver Broncos Super Bowl so the Falcons can get revenge and beat Peyton Manning like Drew Brees did?  Are you willing to March in like dem Saints, Falcon fans?  Unlike Sam Jackson I’m not ready to jump on the on the Dirty Bird swag bandwagon, but Atlanta does have a legitimate reason to Rise UP!! That could land them in the Super Bowl at the Super Dome, the home of WHO DAT NATION, coincidence? I think not.