When I started my articles on race and sports, I deliberately timed it to sync in with the election.  As a country we try our best to claim our racial equality and that we don’t see color.  Well I’m sorry I see color, race, creed, and religion.  There are just some things, (thought process, actions, ideas, and beliefs) that you do because of your racial identity.

How many black punters or kickers do you see in the NFL?  Not a lot or probably none, why?  Because no black wants to be a punter growing up, yet if you look at the position it yields great pay, it’s a specialized job that every team needs and you usually have a long career doing it.  Yet black culture refuses to promote that position.  The day we can talk about race without being called racist, race baiter, or lacking empathy for others situations is when we will break down the walls of America’s racial divide.  I just happen to think it starts and ends with sports.

In existence of man we have always competed to see who “the best was”, but through sports we have established bonds and relations that would have never been fostered.  Look at the Olympics; it helps with international relationships and understanding.  Imagine the kid who grew up in a rural majority white area that plays baseball.  When he goes to college or if he ever makes the Majors, he will have teammates that are Hispanic more than likely.  At that moment his dedication to the sport and the team attitude opens him up for conversations and understanding that he would have never experienced in other fields.

I can go on all day about examples of racial divides and prejudges that is eliminated because of team sports.  The more important issue though is how we are allowing our stereotypes, and prejudge seep into our sports life.  Why does RGIII have to defend himself about being compared to Cam Newton?  Why does Warren Moon have to come out and point out racial comparisons?  Why do we care that Minnesota Timberwolves have 33% black players on their team?

Those examples matter because we are afraid to speak about anything race related.  America has turned White Guilt into WHITE ANGER over THEIR country, but every sporting event we show unity over a pigskin, the round ball, and baseball (couldn’t find a nickname for a baseball).  I have friends that I have met over a sporting event (+ @bar + drinks + love/hate for a team= friendship) that I would have never attempted or wanted to talk to.  Why can’t we talk as easily about why the Yankees are better than the Braves when it comes to race and issues of the sort.

I wanted to do this series to expose or shed light on issues and stereotypes that people either don’t want to know about or don’t care to know about.  I hope this stuff gets people talking in a constructive manner and get a better insight that racial issues still shapes America.  In summary:

NFL- Everybody loves Football, but football hates white running backs, wide receivers, and cornerbacks, and they are still clueless about the black quarterback.

MLB- Is losing black players and viewers, also they pigeon hole Hispanic players

NBA- Is losing the white AMERICAN athlete and viewer, and is the best at international relations, and had to change the image of an inferior product because of the Hip-Hop area.

See even I’m good with stereotyping from a small amount of information.  Now go out there and discuss the issues and I hope at least one of the articles made a brief conversation that would have never existed.

Race in Sports Intro

Race In Sports: NFL

Race In Sports: MLB

Race In Sports: NBA