Who is Megatron?  Rather where has Megatron been, maybe Dark Side of the Moon?  Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson is one of the most overrated and talked about players in the league, he commonly referred to as one of the best players in the game.  I think his nickname gives him more props then he deserves.

Why do people praise him as a great player or even one the best?  Does he get you Mega touchdowns or Mega receptions? Not really.  Does he get you good fantasy points? It’s ok.  Can he help the Lions get to the super bowl? Hell Nah!

When u hear the name “MEGATRON” you envision this enormous, chiseled, machine like entity who dominates the league and even Optimus Prime from time to time right? Well it’s not even close.  This season especially Calvin Johnson going into Week 9 is 13th in receptions (41), 7th in receiving (638), and one touchdown.  Yes one freaking touchdown, maybe he needs the “All Spark” to power him up.  He is also tied for 3rd in drops (7 out of 48 catchable passes), so maybe we should call him MegaDrops or StarScream. Eighty two other players in the league have more touchdowns than Megatron this season and they are half the price tag.

Yeah I know, he is always doubled covered, but what “Great” receiver hasn’t been doubled and triple teamed?  Even if you use that as an excuse or reason for the lack of numbers what about in Chicago and Seattle?  He saw a lot of single man on man coverage.  Charles Tillman and Richard Sherman should come out with book and call it “Revenge of the Fallen – defending Megaton by yourself!” Here is an excerpt of the Book:  Step 1– change your twitter handle and all your media names to Optimus Prime, or Sentinel Prime.  Step 2– play physical and keep him in front on a go route.

I know everyone is going to say well what about last year or previous years?  Easy to put up numbers when you are getting blown out and the defense is playing prevent.  Or Stafford is struggling, but Megatron is 25th in Yards After Catch (184yds), so he is not making explosive plays once he gets the ball.  How does a player get paid just as much as Kobe Bryant and Lebron James but provide average numbers and no championships?

Maybe instead of Megatron we should call Johnson Decepticon, because he is full of deception and lack of production.  It might seem like I’m hating or talking crazy, but you can’t get nicknamed one of the Baddest Mofos ever and have pedestrian numbers.  Let us not forget he’s on the Madden cover, Madden Curse may have struck down Megatron just like that Shia LeBeouf kid did in the movies.

Cool Reece