In the words of Ray “Big Play” Miller, “My back is strong.” Now imagine how strong Serena Williams’ back has to be? She has single-handedly (rather double-handed backhand, with a killer serve) carved her way to the #1 spot in professional women’s tennis. Hell, I would say in professional women’s sports. Serena Williams has become the FACE of women’s tennis. In being the face of a league she shares a space occupied by only a few others in the history of organized sports, one of whom is Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan is to basketball what Serena Williams has become to women’s tennis. So yeah, her back is strong. Side note: I will try not to mention her other back…you know the one that baby got.

Serena has battled and defeated every Sharpovia, Radwanska, Kirilenko, and whoever else’s name I can’t pronounce or spell and she still remains dominant. In 2004-2006 people thought Serena lost focus and was not serious about tennis, because she started a clothing line. At that time everyone felt Serena would fade to back…I mean black. This is not unlike when Jordan lost focus and decided to play baseball. We didn’t know at the time that (just like Jordan) Serena would return to the game yielding even better play than what we saw from her before. By 2007 she was back in the top ten, and she regained #1 by 2009.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not arguing if Serena is the greatest of all-time. She still has ways to go. However, we can make a case for most gangsta of all-time. Hell, between threatening and cursing at judges and throwing a little Crip walk after a victory…it’s an open and shut case. MJ had to carry a league in the absence of Magic and Bird. Serena had to battle through the play and memory of Sellis, Henin, Hingis, Caprati, and Davenport to get to the throne. Both of those were daunting tasks.

Looking at accomplishments Serena is not ass out. She is comparable to MJ. We can go all day on MJ’s awards: 6 championships, 5 NBA MVPs, and countless other accolades to Jordan’s greatness. Serena is a 5 times Australian Open winner, 5 times Wimbledon winner, 4 times U.S. Open winner, and as of 2012 a Gold Medalist. We will not even include her doubles wins. Just like Jordan her trophy case is full and she still isn’t done yet.

All I’m saying is that carrying a sport is hard. Not only do you have to win; you have to dominate. Not only do you have to be charming and approachable; you have to be endorsable and edgy. So Serena…you GO GIRL! Continue to be the face of a sport that needs you, because it’s better than being the butt…forget it, she has a big booty. THANK YOU! Man, I needed to get that out. Seriously though, she may have a big back, but Serena has a bigger image and game to match it.