Early on when we started this blog, one of my good friends left a comment basically stating “Yall should do an article or segment on do white people root for white players and etc.”  So I started doing my home work on it and naturally its hard to prove if races root more or less for the same or different race.  Maybe people don’t see race at all, Yes we have finally evolved, well at least in the realm of sports.  Well as I dug deeper I realized that you can see a trend on races supporting some sports over others.  It kind of opened my eyes and I wanted to share all of this with everyone to open up conversations.

So I started writing and realized that there is no way I could do the article justice in the constraints that I established for our site (550 words or less).  So I started sweating because I already had over 1000 words and I still had so much still to say and so much that was left unsaid.  I even tried to edit down some of it but it destroyed the flow of the article.  So I decided to Peter Jackson you all (minus making you pay for each viewing), and break it up into three parts focusing on NFL, MLB, NBA.  Ok that Peter Jackson comment was harsh, lets say I’m movie studio’ing you guys and cutting it into three parts.

So every Tuesday for the next three weeks I will be posting an article dealing with these thoughts, findings, and issues.  I do want to put out there that I’m not race baiting or making harsh judgements.  I’m just looking at sports in a way that yes will make people uncomfortable and being a Black American, I had to get thoughts and feelings from other races (mainly White and Hispanic).  I hope everyone will enjoy and I did have a great time doing this.

Oct 16th- Race and the NFL

Oct 23rd- Race and the MLB

Oct 30th- Race and the NBA

Nov 6th- Summary/Conclusion