By: Jason “Big J” Allen

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The Penn State win over Northwestern was huge for us.  Why? We can’t go to bowl games or Big Ten championships.  Then why?  Because it helped us find a part of ourselves that we lost.  We discovered a hint of Pride, a dose of Integrity, a sample of humility, and a chest of Honor.  Does it change or make what happened any less hurtful and disgusting?  Absolutely not, but it did help warm up a Demon that will take forever to exorcize.

This hint of former self burst out of the players and infected the crowd at Beaver Stadium.  We will never forget JoePa and my 1 year old daughter will know who the man is and was.  I will also tell her the story as a tragedy of a fallen hero, but never let her overlook his contributions.  Yet this Northwestern win was the first sign that Bill O’Brien is OUR MAN!

No one could figure out what O’Brien was thinking when he accepting the job.  Jack Lengyel came to mind, yet Lengyel’s challenge wasn’t an institutional overhaul, his was moving forward from a crash that crippled Marshall.  O’Brien stepped in and took the reigns of a huge obstacle not to mention this being his first Head Coaching position.  Yet O’Brien’s coaching ability has improved every game.

Watch “Cleveland ’95” on the NFL Network, so you can see how Bill Belichick grooms and prepares his coaching staff.  From that you will see the attention to detail that has been instilled in Bill O’Brien.  That attention to detail is most evident in the play of Matt McGloin.  I always saw McGloin as a risk/reward player, but lately he has risen to the moment.  I have seen patience, efficiency, good decision making, and leadership out of McGloin.  The same attributes we all see in O’Brien.

So Bill O’Brien this is my love letter I’m sending out to You and PSU, I hope you hear it.  Thank You for your help.  Thank You for your motivation.  Thank You for a literal Homecoming.  Where we felt a piece of ourselves come home.  WE ARE…  Still Healing, WE ARE…  Still Learning, WE ARE…  Still Penn State.  Thank You… And Bill O’Brien you are WELCOMED!!!

Jason "Big J" Allen  @UnsportsmenBigJ

Jason “Big J” Allen