With the 1st pick in the 2001 NFL Draft the Atlanta Falcons select Quarterback Mike Vick from VA Tech.  “We just got the black Steve Young,” you would hear people say at the local gyms and barber shops in Atlanta.  Vick was supposed to change the game, with his highlight creating, top ten SportCenter making, reckless running ability. Is Vick’s electrifying game that entertains the fans though a detriment to his durability and career?

Vick is the first African-American quarterback to be selected first overall – even then there were questions about his durability.  In the 2000 season against the Pitt Panthers Vick was injured and missed parts of that game and the next two.  Its hard to change what got you here, because Vick ran for 1216 yards in the two seasons he played at VA Tech while leading the NCAA with a 180.4 passer proficiency rating as a freshman  which was the third highest of all time.  Yet he was still the first pick in the draft.

In 2002, his first full season as a starter, he took Atlanta, the NFL, and the black community by storm having all races and genders wearing his jersey at the Georgia Dome.  Vick had everybody “Rise Up”, while Sam Jackson was still playing with lightsabers and remaking S.W.A.T. In that season the Falcons became the first team to win a road playoff game in Green Bay. Vick only missed one game and his legend started to form.  We should have known then that it wouldn’t have been long before “The Man” tried to get him.  The next year he was a victim of “THE MAN’s” plot by falling for the Madden Curse.  Vick got hurt in preseason by Ray Lewis – must have been Ray Ray’s gift back to “The Man” for getting away with murder.  When the Madden Curse didn’t stop Vick, his bad judgment did #Should’veToldArthurBlanktheTruth. I will leave the conspiracy theory out and just talk about his play on the field.

Now entering his 11th season Vick has only played 16 games once.  Yet he has received not 1 but 2 100 million dollar contracts.  Even our great President has commented on Vick’s hits in the pocket and lack of sliding when running outside the pocket.  The media has been questioning his durability and if he could lead the Eagles to the Super Bowl.  Vick is who he is and definitely who we thought he was.  Vick has only played one way, and at his age, (32) and his running style, although a 4.3 40, are we witnessing the end of Michael Vick?  All I can say is its hard to teach an old…  You know the rest.


Raymond “Big Play” Miller