When did the expectations of a legend become that of a mere mortal?  This is the case of a returning Peyton Manning.  Is it not?  If you listened to our spirited debate you know I have a firm stance on Peyton having to be excellent because of the teams he turned down.

Coming into this season Peyton was the highest regarded free agent for any team looking for a quarterback to lead their team, and by lead I mean Super Bowl.  Why would you spend that type pf money and years on just a playoff birth and maybe a playoff win?  No you bring in a legend to make your team, stealing a line from “How I met Your Mother” Barney, LEGEN… wait for it DARY.  So why the low expectations for Peyton Manning in Denver?

Well as you know no Super Bowl winning quarterback, has won another Super Bowl with another team, so that’s one reason.  Second is Peyton Manning is coming to town with a 9-10 playoff record, for his career.  Third Peyton in the playoffs against major teams in the AFC (Patriots, Steelers, Ravens, and Jets) stat wise averages, 59.8% completion, 271yds, 13tds, 13ints.  Not to sound like MAD TV, but Lowered Expectations!

John Elway knows his TEAM is not ready for the Super Bowl run, the defense needs help and will McGahee hold up.  Really the only reason Manning was brought to Denver was to get rid of the Tebow effect, and mentor a young quarterback that has yet to be drafted.  John Elway knew the only way to rid himself of the Tebowities was to bring in a quarterback that no fan would ever question.  Enter Clint Eastwood with a helmet, and imagined savior of the team.  So I stand by Super Bowl or bust, you can stand by mortality and ordinary.

Jason Allen

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